Fifty Kilometers to the west of Tehran, on the main highway connecting the capital to all major commercial centers of Iran, lays the Nicala Industrial Park, a well cared for garden of some 140 thousand square meters in the heart of the industrial zone of the region. The park is studded with four story glazed brick buildings, home to one of the jewels of industry in Iran. An unrivalled leader in the private sector, Nicala stands today as a model of industrial enterprise for quality of its products and the services it offers; for its marketing, sales, and distribution; for its financial health, and most significantly for its personnel management, policies and practices.

Nicala began manufacturing about 50 years ago, starting with kerosene cookers, heaters and Samovars. With the advent of gas as an energy source to Iran, Nicala soon took up production of a line of Gas heaters and Fireplaces. The products are acknowledged to rival the best in the world, produced and sold internationally at practically half the price of the closest foreign competitors.


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