Safety Notes

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    Instructions for Gas Heater Safety

    Dear Consumer

    Note: The gas heater must be installed by authorized experts.

    Please observe all the following points for the safety of your family and yourself. In case of non-observance of these points, Nicala Company shall not have any legal obligations for probable accidents.

    1-Use special gas flexible hose and the relevant metal clamps. Never use water flexible hose (Max. Lenght of the gas flexible hose: 2 meters).

    2-Before installing the gas heater make sure that the wall chimney be compeletely open  and the fumes are readily exhausted. (This point can be tested by burning some papers at the entrance of the chimney and observe the quality of fumes exhaust and remove the problem if required).if your room does not have a proper chimney never use the gas heater.


    3-The chimney pot on the roof must be 60 cm. higher than the surrounding area and equipped with a cap in the form of  H and be completely without defect.


    4-When the gas heater is lighted make sure that the exhaust fumes are transferred out of the house through the chimney.A hot exhaust-pipe is the sign of proper exhaust ventilation and a cold exhaust-pipe, when the gasheater is lighted, is a sign of improper ventilation of the exhaust system and it is dangerous.

      5-The gas heater must be installed in a space having adequate ventilation,considering the fact that for proper and complete burning of 1 cubic meter of gas 10 cubic meter of fresh air is required and this air must be supplied through the windows or from under the door and/or special places, please do not seal the room completely.