Nicala’s policy towards customers always stands in their constant satisfaction, carefully meeting their needs by improving the quality, lowering the prices, on-time delivery and efficient after sales services.
Having established management system for quality assurance and environmental preservation, with the help of our professional counselors and highly trained personnel, the company succeeded to receive ISO-9001/2000 and ISO14001 from GLC, Germany simultaneously for the first time in Iran.
Our other proudly attained International Standards are:
(EN-613, ISO-17025, OHSAS 18001, ISIRI 1220-1, 2AG 103,TSE, & CE Marking).
Our technicians use statistical methods and Pareto diagrams to review the product quality improvement, emphasizing on a system to meet both quality requirements and environmental preservation.
We succeed to achieve the specified environmental goals by optimizing our relations with legal standard foundations and executing reviewed methods on the basis of their requirements, specified by the environmental management system.
According to European standards, Nicala has increased the thermal efficiency of it’s products by 85% as well as reducing the production of aerosols like NOX and CO gas dramatically.